Rapid Barostat Bag (RBB) Pump

Rapid Barostat Bag (RBB) Pump


  • Simple 10min. Procedure

        • Measures Rectal Capacity, Sensitivity, & Compliance

    Customizable Protocols

        • Programmable by both Volume & Pressure
        • Including Barostat Protocols for Research Studies

    Easy to Use

        • Portable Barostat with Touch Screen Interface
        • Editable Reports with Raw Data

    Multiple Clinical Applications

        • Pre-screening for rectal/colonic surgery
        • Determine Rectal Sensitivity of IBD & IBS Patients
        • Biofeedback training for Hyper-/ Hypo-sensitive Patients

Click here to see the brochure [PDF:1MB]

Introduction of a short barostat protocol for assessment of rectal function [PDF:4.9 MB] By Mathias Sauter & Henriette Heinrich, University Hospital Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

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